May 25

Anthon Bruni: My First Day

hey guys the first day in everything is very difficult and uncomfortable lolbut I’m happy to be with youI had always wanted to belong to this industry and the best thing of all is that I can interact with you too muchI want to invite you not to miss a moment of my training here at FLIRT4FREEI wait for you in my room !!!!!!!!!

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May 03

Angel Ravson: Tv

my favorite television program is the eight chavo really is very n ice to me i love the program and i hope some day can know the original neighborhood . i remember all chapters and wau is really amazing to meeto someone here likes the chavo to eight? too hehehei think yes

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May 03

Danilo T: Rainyday

today a rained a lot but is very nice for me because i love the rain when i feel the rain in my chest . really i feel very good and think is sexy too hehehe well in this moment the rain stop but the street is wet now and is romantic for me i like drive my motor cycle when is raining

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